Vytautas Magnus University’s Faculty of Arts is a dynamic division of the university, which integrates areas of arts, humanities and social sciences, and is filled with creative energy and innovative ideas. It seeks to prepare contemporary artists, creative producers and innovative art mediators who would successfully integrate into job markets in Lithuania and abroad. Departments of Art History and Criticism, Theatre Studies and Contemporary Arts prepare Bachelors of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as Masters of Theatre studies and performing arts management, art curators, experts of cultural heritage and creative industries. The Faculty has excellent infrastructure for studies and research: auditoriums and lecture rooms, art laboratories (photo, video, multimedia) and studios (theatre, fashion design, sound) which are fully equipped with the most modern hardware and software that meet international standards of creative industries. Lectures in the Faculty are delivered by famous artists and experts of Lithuanian art and creative industries.



The Faculty is the only academic institution in Lithuania which offers integrated approach towards arts, humanities and social sciences. The Faculty offers 4 Bachelor level programmes (“Art History, Criticism and Media”, “New Media Art”, “Creative industries”, “Music Production”), 4 Master level programmes (“Art Curatorship”, “Theatre Studies and Stage Arts Management”, “Cultural Heritage and Tourism”, “Creative Industries”) and 1 doctoral study programme in History and Theory of Art.

“Art History, Criticism and Media” programme prepares art critics and art historians who possess comprehensive knowledge of various arts (fine arts, architecture, theatre, music, cinema, dance, photography) and are capable of mediating different forms of art for various audiences. New interdisciplinary programmes are also available: “New Media Art” programme provides students with knowledge of different media (photography, video, audio arts, computer graphics, multimedia technology) and skills of personal and organizational and curatorship. The programme of “Creative Industries” innovatively integrates art, business and communication, and prepares creative producers and executives of creative enterprises. The “Music production” programme is unique in the region and aims at giving all necessary creative training to contemporary music producers, including everything they need in their successful professional career.

Research and Arts

Teachers at the Faculty are nationally and internationally recognized researches and artists, who actively participate in international research projects, publish extensively in academic and professional journals, teach as guest lecturers in various world class universities, participate as invited experts in various scientific, artistic or political organizations, take part in the activities of various academic and professional institutions or boards, and have received numerous national and international awards.

Major research areas include: processes of contemporary arts in global / local perspective and contemporary theoretical contexts; historical research of classical, modern, Soviet and Post-Soviet artistic practices and cultural heritage in Lithuania and Eastern Europe; functioning of artistic institutions (theatres, museums, etc.), cultural politics and communication in the context of cultural and creative industries.

Major projects include:

Project of EU programme Horizon 2020 “Centre of Excellence for Cultural and Creative Innovations in Lithuania (Innocult)”;

”Development of Communicative Competence of Cultural Institutions in the Context of Knowledge and Creative Society“ (2012-2015), financed by EU structural funds.

”Culture, Identity, and Memory: Lithuania during the Two World Wars“ (2013-2015), financed by Lithuanian Research Council.