The spectrum of research of different scholars of the Faculty encompasses theory and history of all branches of art (including visual arts, architecture, theatre, dance, film, music, media arts) and cultural heritage as well as different historical periods of arts and culture. Furthermore, the majority of research exceed the limits of one discipline. The main focus of research of the Faculty is the interdisciplinary approach towards the analysis on national and transnational dimensions of various artistic practices and cultural heritage in Lithuania within the broader framework of Central and Eastern Europe and Nordic-Baltic region. This interdisciplinary and international approach makes the Unit unique among other national and international competitors.

The main strength of research at the Unit is the ability to respond to an increasingly globalized and competitive landscape prompting the dynamic formation of new research priorities and facilitating ongoing improvements in research performance at both national and international level. During the Research Assessments (MOSTA, 2015, 2018) the Unit has received the highest evaluation score among all higher education institutions in Lithuania and was evaluated by international group of experts as a leading national institution and “a strong international player in its field”.

All researchers of the Faculty belong to interdisciplinary VMU research clusters. Research clusters are active groups of researchers, representing various areas of science, involved in joint research projects, bringing together the scholarly potential of several university units. The formation of clusters was launched at VMU as a response to the Lithuanian and European research development initiative designed to enhance interdisciplinary scientific research, promoting inter-field, inter–unit, inter-institutional research and engaging young research fellows. VMU system of clusters, which was established in 2008, allows the researchers to join the active interdisciplinary groups of researchers according to one’s specific field of interest or focusing around a specific research issue. Currently there are 40 research clusters active at VMU. The researchers of the Faculty belong to these research clusters: