Study Programs

Undergraduate Studies

New Media Art – a programme designed to prepare professional media specialists for creative work and media art projects management. The study of art (photography, video, sound art, computer graphics and multimedia technologies) is complemented by studies of audiovisual culture, communication, analysis and management of contemporary art processes, curatorship and principles of personal carrier management.

Art History, Criticism and Media – a programme designed to prepare art critics and art historians who are capable of researching various art objects and phenomena, assigning them artistic and historical values, and presenting it all to the public. It offers insight into and facilitates the understanding of all spheres of art. In this programme, students become familiar with general development of art, learn how to analyze and compare different forms of art (architecture, visual arts, photography, theatre, cinema, dance and music).

Creative Industries – a programme designed to prepare specialists of creative industries, able to operate in a broad field of creative industries, analyse cultural and creative industries, initiate and implement the projects of cultural and creative industries, organize creative enterprise and promote communication between art, enterprise and society.

Music Production (study program in English) – Study programme encompasses creative, commercial and technological aspects of music production. The courses will be delivered by practitioners and theorists coming from various creative fields. All the lecturers have solid professional experience and innovative thinking, which will make your studies interesting and valuable.

Graduate Studies

Art Curatorship – a programme designed to prepare art curators and critics who have theoretical knowledge and practical skills to conduct original research into art objects and their curation, to organize exhibitions and develop curatorial projects, to programme art communication with different audiences, to interpret and evaluate art production in a wide cultural, social and economical context.

Culture Heritage and Tourism – a programme designed to educate students who are able to: evaluate cultural heritage in the context of social, historical and cultural phenomena; work in the cultural heritage field; perform heritage research; apply the acquired knowledge to the tourism industry.

Theatre Studies and Stage Art Management – a programme designed to prepare specialists capable of conducting research and evaluating both the aesthetic and institutional aspects of stage art. Students will learn how to: analyse and interpret theatre processes in a wide cultural context; initiate, organize and manage the processes of stage art.

Creative Industries – a programme designed to prepare specialists capable of crafting innovative models of cultural communication, entrepreneurship and creativity. Graduates will be able to create original projects, analyse and evaluate creative industries, and act as consultants, providing recommendations that would stimulate the economic growth of the cultural sector.