Faculty of Arts is a dynamic division of the university, which is always full of original ideas. It seeks to prepare universal artists and theorists of art who would successfully integrate into job markets in Lithuania and abroad. Unique integrated studies of Art History, Criticism and Media as well as innovative programmes of New Media Art, Acting and Creative Industries are offered here. Departments of Art History and Criticism, Theatre Studies and Contemporary Arts prepare Bachelors of Arts and Humanities, as well as Masters of Theatre studies and performing arts management, art historians and critics, curators, experts of cultural heritage and creative industries.

This is the only faculty in Lithuania which offers integrated degree studies of Theory and History of Arts: it prepares universally educated art critics and art historians who possess comprehensive knowledge of various arts (fine arts, architecture, theatre, music, cinema, dance, photography) and are capable of applying theory in practice. The faculty also offers master studies and doctoral studies of the same field.

New interdisciplinary programmes are also available at the Faculty of Arts. The aim of New Media Art studies is to provide knowledge of different media (photography, video, audio arts, computer graphics, multimedia technology) and skills of personal management, curatorship, art project organisation and management. The new programme of Acting arms soon-to-be actors with interdisciplinary skills they can creatively employ in acting, text composition, directing, etc. Its graduates are prepared for professional careers in theatre, cinema, TV and other creative industries. In 2013, the faculty launched undergraduate programme of Creative Industries, which will prepare managers and executives of creative enterprises.

In 2014, the Faculty of Arts and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan, UK) started to organize two joint programmes in English: Fashion Design and Music Production.

Studies at the Faculty of Arts take place not just in lecture rooms but also in art laboratories, libraries, museums, theatre, cinema and concert halls, which serve as places for examination of art objects and creative practice. Lectures in the faculty are read by famous artists and experts of Lithuanian art.

The Faculty of Arts offers 6 Bachelor level programmes (Art History. Criticism and Media, New Media Art, Acting, Creative industries, Music Production, Fashion Design), 4 Master level programmes (Art Curatorship, Theatre Studies and Stage Arts Management, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Creative Industries) and 1 doctoral study programme in art research.