Rimanto Plungės paroda Zagrebe

Kovo 20 d. galerijoje Greta, Zagrebe buvo atidaryta Šiuolaikinių menų katedros vedėjo doc. dr. Rimanto Plungės kartu su italų menininku Davide Skerlj ir kroatijos menininku Josip Zanki paroda „Urlo Žemė“ („Land of Ulro). 

Apie parodą:

Land of Ulro is collaborative project of three artists, Rimantas Plunge, based in Kaunas in Lithuania, Davide Skerlj, based in Trieste in Italy and Josip Zanki based in Zagreb, Croatia. Project is based on reading of utopian space of Land of Ulro. Concept of Land of Ulro was created in William Blake imaginary. Ulro is a god Urizen empire, place of living dead, idols and miraculous illusions. In his book Land of Ulro Czesław Miłosz recognized this imaginry space in real places which exist out of dominant political and national narratives. Mythical space of Land of Ulro we can recognize in ‘continuous history’ of magical territory as Trieste and Lithuania. It is visible on model of utopian Hasidic state based in Galicia, White Russia, Poland and Baltic. Rimantas Plunge introduce his series of photo collage today (ulro)dreams (ulro) and no dreams (ulro) created 2017, redefinition of Czesław Miłosz work. Davide Skerlj display his video 2 points of view from Novak to Grujic created 2014 based on reinterpretation of Ivo Andrić novel Bridge on the Drina. Josip Zanki exhibits his drawing works Land of Ulro created 2015 under ethnography of symbolical world. In Gallery Greta Rimantas Plunge, Davide Skerlj and Josip Zanki exhibit first time together.

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